SEC championship tickets: That’s amoré

Well, Bruce sure knows how to come through in a pinch. I’ve forgiven him for leaving me to watch the USC-Florida game alone while he attended a Spurs game, given that he sprang for SEC championship tickets. That’s romance.

Speaking of the championship, is anyone else appalled at resale prices for the game in Atlanta? I’ve decided my Gamecocks are going to surprise Auburn and win this one – but given that most of us had to pay crazy prices for the pleasure of being there, I hope they at least give us our money’s worth.

By the way, a lot of people are hoping Auburn’s dynamic quarterback, Cam Newton, has to sit out the game in the wake of a juicy play-for-pay scandal that has SEC fans saying, “Pass the popcorn.”

I disagree. If Newton doesn’t take the field and the Gamecocks go on to win, our championship season will be forever marred by an asterisk – one that says we won by default because the Tigers played without their gridiron Achilles.

Speaking of Newton, recent reports indicate that one of the central figures in the sordid saga has produced a text message laying out a payment plan purportedly put forth by the quarterback’s preacher father, Cecil.

What’s with people and text messages these days? Haven’t we learned from the Tiger Woods scandal?

If you’re an athlete or a celebrity, even of the minor sort, here’s a tip: Don’t send text messages you’ll regret (ahem, Brett Favre), because they’re fodder for blackmail, lawsuits and public humiliation.

And here’s another seemingly obvious bit of advice:  Don’t keep the evidence on hand for later perusal (hey there, Tony Parker).

I mean, really, get a clue. Facebook has been a boon for lawyers, with online misbehavior listed as a factor in up to 25 percent of divorce cases. Add in examples of inappropriate texting and the number grows exponentially.

Seriously, texting is the electronic version of lipstick on the collar. Or, in Cecil Newton’s case, getting caught with your hand in the collection plate.

The trouble is, lipstick stains can be washed out and undocumented theft is easily forgotten. Electronic indiscretions stick around a lot longer.


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