Paging my fairy godmother; bizarre Tennessee fail

Alabama is looking mighty powerful. Don’t put too much emotional investment into the dream of beating them.”

That was my husband’s advice after No. 1 Alabama pummeled the uncharacteristically hapless Florida Gators by a score of 31-6 on Saturday.

It was an intimidating performance by the reigning national champs, but — despite the sage counsel — I can’t help but fantasize about a Gamecocks victory over the Crimson Tide next weekend. The truth is, I’m hoping for a Cinderella outcome that makes Gamecocks’ hearts soar.

Of course, Bruce isn’t the only one sending grim tidings my way. No less than Doug Jolley, who’s written about the Gamecocks for years and is usually more optimistic than I am, wasn’t holding out much hope immediately following the Florida trouncing.

But Doug bounced back Sunday, noting that the Gamecocks accomplished the unimaginable by beating then-No. 1 Kentucky in basketball last year.

“If the USC football team pulls off an upset over No. 1 Bama, will the band start playing, ‘Oops, I Did It Again?’ ” he pondered.

All I know is that I can’t give up hope: I have a 911 call in to my fairy godmother.

Dawg days for Georgia

As I ponder the fate of the Gamecocks at the hands of Alabama, I can’t help but be glad I’m not a Georgia fan this season. The Bulldogs dropped to 1-4 (0-3 in the SEC), their worst start since 1990, after losing to Colorado, 29-27.

And there’s more pain ahead for the Georgia faithful: Among those still to come on their dance card are Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama and Arkansas.

By the way, it’s a testament to the overall strength of the SEC that Buffalo fans went wild and stormed the field after downing a Georgia team with a pitiable 1-4 record. In fact, the SEC has six ranked teams in both the Associated Press and USA Today coaches’ polls: Alabama is No. 1 in both polls, and Auburn is at No. 8. Arkansas is 11th in the AP and 13th in USA Today, LSU is 12th in the AP and 9th in USA Today, Florida is at 14th and 12th, and South Carolina holds 19th and 20th.

Gamecockian Goof of the Week award

If they weren’t clad in orange and white, I would have sworn it was my beloved Gamecocks — not the Tennessee Volunteers — who took the field vs. LSU this weekend. After all, the Gamecocks are known for spectacular snafus, which are generally credited to the all-powerful Chicken Curse that routinely snatches defeat from the jaws of victory.

This week, the Curse somehow migrated to Tennessee, where in a horrifying mess of a game ending, the Tigers — trailing by four — botched a snap at first-and-goal and time expired. Tennessee players and fans erupted with joy, but it was short-lived: LSU got a do-over because Tennessee had 13 players on the field.

Tennessee wasn’t second time lucky. On the repeat, the snap was good and so was LSU’s touchdown attempt. Final score: LSU 16, Tennessee 14.

Vols defensive back Art Evans, who turned back flips before learning of the penalty, told UT Sports, “There’s no better feeling than battling for 60 minutes and winning on the last play. Then to have it stripped away from you, it’s 10 times worse than just losing outright.”


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