One-hit wonders; there’s a new Dawg in town

Quick — name the artists responsible for these songs: Ride Captain Ride . . . In the Summertime . . . Funkytown . . . I’m Too Sexy.

Odds are that you remember the tunes, but can’t name the performers. Why? Because they were flash-in-the-pans — one-hit wonders who burned hot and faded into obscurity.

In the wake of the University of South Carolina‘s improbable victory last weekend over then-No. 1 Alabama, all eyes will be on the Gamecocks on Saturday. Suddenly, the team known for being an also-ran in the SEC is being tapped as the strongest candidate to take the SEC East championship and, perhaps, the whole ball of wax.

All I can say is, “Not so fast.” No one wants the ‘Cocks to win the SEC more than I do (and it’s not only because I want my husband to pay up on that $5,000 Great Wager). The truth is, the Gamecocks have been to this rodeo before and didn’t hang on to finish the ride.

Remember 2007, when the Gamecocks were 6-1 and No. 9 in the polls? Probably not, unless you’re a USC fan, because we fizzled right there and didn’t win another game that season.

And then there’s the classic — the egg-laying moment of all time: 1984. The ‘Cocks were No. 2 in the nation with a 9-0 record. The national championship was ours! It was right there, glorious and shiny for the taking. And then we lost to Navy.

I’m a Gamecock, which means I’m optimistic, but cautiously optimistic. Saturday will tell the tale in the SEC East. If Carolina downs Kentucky — and Kentucky has been fierce the past few weeks — I might be thinking, “Yeah. This is really it.”

Until then, trite as it might be, I’m not counting my chickens before . . . well, you know.

Oh, and by the way? Those one-hit wonders? Blues Image, Mungo Jerry, Lipps Inc. and Right Said Fred. I’m just praying I won’t have to add the 2010 Gamecocks to the list.

Big Bad Bruce – and I don’t mean my husband


Yes, my husband’s name is Bruce — and, yes, he’s in the doghouse right now for rooting against my Gamecocks — but the Bruce of the week is Uga VIII (aka, Big Bad Bruce). He’s the latest in a long line of Georgia Bulldog mascots, and he’ll make his debut Saturday when the Dawgs take on the Vanderbilt Commodores in Athens.

Some Georgia fans are grumbling about the fact that Bruce isn’t solid white like his English Bulldog predecessors. But don’t you think the splash of black on the 13-month-old’s snout gives him an extra dash of panache?

Here’s hoping Bruce (the canine version) can help the Dawgs turn their disappointing season around as he settles into his sideline doghouse — which, by the way, is much cushier than the one my Bruce currently inhabits.

Park it right there

Earlier this week, when I said I was deliberately searching out and parking next to the vehicles of Alabama fans whose rides were emblazoned with Crimson Tide paraphernalia, I wasn’t kidding. To those who e-mailed me to say, “Photographic evidence, please,” here it is. That’s my little Gamecockmobile — complete with Carolina license-plate surround, trunk emblem, gas-cap cover, rear-window sticker and more — proudly parked by a ‘Bamamobile. Silent gloat.



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